Library Computers

All 19 Metropolitan Library System (MLS) locations offer computers with Internet access, word processing, spreadsheets, databases, library catalogs, and other software-all with unlimited time throughout the day.

An MLS library card is required. Out of town guests may obtain a temporary "guest" card by presenting proper photo identification at the circulation desk.

You will be allowed to use the computer up to one hour for the first session of the day. The computer will allow you to stay on it, as long as nobody is waiting for the computer, asking you if you'd like to stay on after each 30 minutes. If at anytime there is a waiting list and you have reached your allotted time, you will just need to re-sign up at the Sign-up computer and be placed on the waiting list.

Computer Sign-up: To use a computer, you must sign in at the Sign-up Computer with your library card number and name.

  • Once signed up, the computer will print out a receipt that lists your reservation number. Watch the overhead reservation monitor for your reservation number. When your number is displayed, go to the computer number designated.
  • At your designated computer, you will need to log on again with your card number.
Children's Computers

There are specially designated computers in the children's area that are ideal for children up to the 4th grade. These computers do not have access to the Internet. Instead they have educational games and Encarta® Kids that help children learn skills such as reading, math, vocabulary, computer use and keyboarding.


The Metropolitan Library System is a free wireless hotspot. Customers using wireless devices may access the Library's Internet service at any location. To access the MLS Wi-Fi network, you need a computer or a PDA equipped with a standard Internet browser and a Wi-Fi compliant wireless network card.