Endowment Logo
Donate to the Endowment - A gift to the Endowment Trust is a gift that will continue to grow, ensuring that generations to come will have a public library they can depend on for entertainment and the information they need.
Friends Logo
Donate Books or Media to Friends - Whether you donate books to the Friends’ Book Sale, offer your time to help out with the sale, or just become a member to show your support, giving to the Friends of the Library is a great way to connect with the MLS family.
Donate Materials
Donate Materials - The Metropolitan Library System of Oklahoma County encourages gifts of books, periodicals, records, videos, cassettes, CDs and other materials which will be useful to the MLS and which will increase the scope of its collections. Books can be dropped off at any library.
Old House
Donate to the Oklahoma Collection - Are you a shutterbug? Was your sister born with a camera in her hand? Did Aunt Sally meticulously keep a journal everyday of her life? Did you love Uncle Billy's stories so much you finally got them down on tape? If so, you or your family may have some historical treasures of interest to the Metropolitan Library System's Oklahoma Collection.

Donate Your Time - In addition to helping with the Friends’ Book Sale and Summer at the Library, there are lots of other opportunities to give time to the library.  Call us to find out how. (405) 606-3762.