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Books are “treasures” to most of us, and we appreciate your wanting to share yours with either the library system or Friends of the Library or another non-profit group that could benefit from your donation. All MLS donated materials will be reviewed for possible use at one of our seventeen library sites. Materials not used will be sent to the Friends of the Library Sorting Site for the February used book sale. Proceeds from the sale benefit the library.
Because of the very limited storage space in our libraries and the need to provide for the safety of staff and volunteers who handle gift materials (stacking boxes, etc.), we ask your help.

Should you choose Metropolitan Library System for your gifts, please do the following:

  • Pack your books in sturdy boxes if possible.
  • Bring only 2 or 3 boxes on one day’s trip, since many people donate each day.
  • Please donate books, magazines, audio & video tapes that are in good shape (i.e. have covers, aren’t damaged by mildew or otherwise in questionable or throwaway condition).
  • Used computers and used computer software are not accepted.
How To Donate Car-Loads Or Truckloads of Gift Books: (i.e. anything over the 3-box limit mentioned above, estate leftovers, other).
  • The library system does not offer pick-up service for donations.
  • Tuesdays or Thursday only: Drive your car or truck directly to the Friends of the Library Book Sorting Center, 300 NE 50th Street, between 8am and 12 noon (official receiving hours). Retired volunteers will assist you. For immediate assistance on a day other than Tuesday, consider hospitals, nursing homes, other non-profit agencies that take used books (schools, libraries, other), other library/school book sales.
Magazines: The library and Friends’ book sale can best use magazines of the more expensive, “slick-cover” type, such as Architectural Digest, craft, hobby and holiday magazines, other expensive or “unusual interest” magazines. Not needed are weekly or monthly magazines that most people take, such as Reader’s Digest, Newsweek, Time, Ladies Home Journal, Redbook, other more commonly read magazines.

Receipts: The customer should estimate the donor’s fair market value of donations for income tax purposes. This is the sole responsibility of the donor.