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What are the borrowing limits?

Metropolitan Library System library card holders in the MLS may borrow up to thirty items at a time. However, libraries with a limited collection may set limits on the number of items of a particular type or subject may be borrowed at a given time.   Be sure to check with your neighborhood library for more information.

What is the loan period?

Books, other printed materials, Playaways, audio and video recordings may be checked out for two weeks. Items may be renewed to a maximum loan period of 42 days if there is not a reserve request for the items. Items may be renewed at your local library or via CyberMARS.

Reference items are not available for loan but may be used in the library.

May I return materials to any MLS library?

Library materials may be dropped into the book drop or taken into any of our libraries. It is not necessary to return items to the same location from which they were borrowed.

Inter-Library Loan (ILL) items need to be returned to the library from which they were borrowed.

What are the fines for overdue materials?

Borrowed physical items (such as books, audio, and video recordings) are 10 cents per day to a maximum of $3 per item.   Digital items simply expire and do not accrue fines or fees.

How can I find fiction and non-fiction books?

Fiction items are divided into interest or age appropriate categories. Each category is then arranged and shelved alphabetically by the author.

Non-fiction materials are labeled and arranged using the Dewey Decimal System

How do I checkout materials?

A staff member will check your materials out for you once you have an MLS Library Card. Or, you can check out the library materials yourself by using the Express Checkout, which is a computer station at our libraries. Customers may also Renew, View their Account, and make Payments using Express Checkout.

How do I use the Express Checkout?

Using our Express Checkout is super easy. Here are some steps:

  1. Press the Start button on the Express Checkout monitor
  2. Position your card under scanner and scan your library card
    1. If you do not have your card, click Forgot Card?
      1. Enter the first four letters of your last name
      2. Enter your library card number
      3. Submit information by pushing Enter
  3. Next, you’ll select which method you’d like to check out your materials:
    1. RFID Checkout (RFID uses the tag in the book and reads it by placing all books at one time on the desk)
      1. Enter the amount of materials you’re checking out
      2. Scan 1-3 items on the target area
      3. Once the count matches the number you entered, the screen will continue automatically and their receipt will print.
    2. Barcode Checkout (Barcodes uses the scanner wand to scan the code for each book).
      1. Position one item at a time under the barcode scanner
      2. Continue until all items have been scanned
      3. Hit the Finish button and your receipt will print.
  4. Remember to click the Finish button to end your session.

Need further assistance?  Feel free to Watch our Express Checkout Overview Video or View Detailed Express Checkout Steps.  Also, a library staff member is always nearby to assist you.


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Library Cards & Privacy

How do I get a library card?

Metropolitan Library System library cards are free for customers who live within our service area.  For details click:

  1. Go to any Metropolitan Library System library. Find a convenient location by clicking: Library Info (tab).
  2. When you visit the library be sure to take along two current forms of identification (e.g. driver's license, social security card, military ID, student ID, current credit card). You will need to show proof of address, not just a P.O. Box number.
  3. The staff will determine which library card and service you are eligible to receive and will issue you a card then.  

Card Types:

Youth Service:  Customers up to age 17.  A parent or guardian must show identification, sign the application, and co-sign the card. Service:  Available for customers who live in or own property in Oklahoma City or Oklahoma County.

Reciprocal Service:  Available for customers who live, work, or attend school in Cleveland, McClain or Pottawatomie counties or for Blanchard school district students living in Grady County.

School Card: Available for a customer who lives outside Oklahoma City or County or the reciprocal area, but who attends school within the MLS service area. This type of card must be validated annually.

Annual Fee: Customers who live outside the primary or reciprocal service area may purchase an Annual Fee Card for $40. This card type entitles each member of the household their own lirary card

Cash Deposit:  Visitors to the community may enjoy the library and its vast resources by making cash deposit equal to the price of each item borrowed plus a $10 processing fee per item. The full amount, minus any fees incurred, will be refunded when the borrowed items are returned.

How do I change my mailing address?

We currently do not offer this service online, so please visit any of our library locations to update your mailing address.  Here is a link to all of our locations:

Please bring two forms of identification. One form must show your current address. It is also preferable that one form show the borrower's photograph. Examples of acceptable identification are: driver's license, vehicle insurance verification form, personal check with printed name and address, Medicare or other medical plan card, social security card, military ID, student ID, current credit card. If none of these items show your current address, you may also bring a current utility bill that shows your address. We cannot accept PO box numbers for your address; we must also have a street address to verify that you are in our service area. Upon completion of the application form and proof of address, staff will update your library record.

How does the Metropolitan Library System protect my privacy?

One of our chief duties is to provide excellent customer service and access to information at all levels. We also champion library customer confidentiality and privacy. Oklahoma State Statutes, Title 65, Section 1-105; “Disclosure of Records” requires us to protect the confidentiality of library users’ records. We know that your library card is as valuable as a credit card and should be treated with great care. With that in mind, MLS policy states library cards are not transferable and the person signing the card accepts responsibility for fines or other charges resulting from the card’s use. MLS policy was established to help ensure that the card is used by the cardholder who is financially responsible for the borrowed materials and to ensure that staff abide by the state law that protects customer's privacy of his/her library records.

Library Services

How can I look at a back issue of the Oklahoman?

Each library subscribes to the Oklahoman and keeps back issues for several months. Through the MLS catalog CyberMars, you may find back issues of the Oklahoman through The Oklahoman Archives . This is one of many databases accessible through Catalog & Databases tab at

May I use the library fax machine?

Library fax machines are used for internal business. The machines are not for general use by the public.

Can I get information from out-of-town telephone directories?

A librarian will be happy to assist you to find information from an online directory. These directories are often more accurate, complete and current than the printed directories.

May I rent a meeting room?

Library programs and meeting needs take precedence over requests made by other community groups. When space is not in use, the MLS offers its facilities for rent to profit or non-profit organizations or groups. Some of the guidelines for use include:

The groups must not charge admission fees and the events must not disturb regular library functions.  Public spaces may not be rented for the following purposes:

  1. Selling any items or services, including sales or marketing presentations/promotions to prospective clients.
  2. Fund raising.
  3. Purely social functions, such as parties, showers, etc.

Please contact the library of interest for more information.

Do the libraries have tax forms?

A librarian can assist you in finding the federal or state tax forms online or you may use the links to the federal and state tax sites provided by on our website by clicking: Tax Forms


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How do I pick up my Reserves?

Most libraries have a specific area within their location for customers to pick up their own reserves (called self-pickup). A few libraries have reserve materials located at the circulation or check-out desk.

If your reserve is at one of our libraries that offers self-pickup, your reserves will be shelved in a designated area by the first 4 letters of your last name and the last 4 digits of your library card number. Locate your materials and proceed to the self-check station or the check-out desk to borrow the materials. Reserves may only be borrowed by using the same library card the materials were reserved under. If your library does not offer self pick-up, just ask the staff at the check-out desk to retrieve your reserves.

Can I have someone else pick up my reserves and check them out on his/her card?

Because of Oklahoma State Statute, Title 65, Section 1-105, we must protect the confidentiality of library users’ records. Since the reserve was placed under your library card number, it must be checked out with your library card number.

If you know you will not be able to pick up the material, have the person who will pick it up use his/her library card to place the reserve. This way there is no concern about the financial responsibility, and confidentiality is maintained. When picking up and checking out reserves, the Express Checkout is the quickest way if the physical library card is available or card number is known.

Can I give written permission for my family members to pick up my reserves?

The library system currently has over 400,000 customers and it’s simply not feasible to manage unique permission settings for each card.

Are reserve policies new?

We’ve had a long-standing commitment to protect our customers’ privacy and it’s always been our policy that library cards are not transferable. Customers accept this policy when they sign the agreement on the back of their library card indicating the library card is non-transferable. We also notify customers of our policies when reserves are placed using cyberMARS.

Innovations like Express Checkout, where customers may check out material themselves, and self-pickup of reserves (at the libraries listed above) require automation and have impacted some library processes. For example, when a customer goes to check out his/her own reserves, the computer has to match the correct customer card with the correct items. Library policies and state statutes have not changed – we’ve simply added more options for our customers.

When can I pick up my reserves?

Once you have received confirmation that your reserves are ready for pick up, you may pick them up during regular business hours at the library location noted on the confirmation. To help us be available more often for our customers, we are open 7 days a week at our 13 full-service locations and our Extension locations are another great option (see for hours).

We also provide a service for Oklahoma County residents over 65 or who are homebound entitled Books by Mail where library materials are mailed directly to your home and are returned postage-paid.

Are reserve policies different for each location?

All 18 libraries in the Metropolitan Library System have the same policies and procedures. Some libraries have a specific area within the library for customers to pick up their own reserves and others still have to use a library staff member to get their reserves. We’ve had a long standing commitment to protect our customers’ privacy by making the library card non-transferable. We also notify customers of our policies when they place reserves through the computer.

Innovations like Express Checkout, where customers may check out material themselves, and self pickup of reserves (at the libraries listed above) require automation and have impacted some library processes. For example, when a customer goes to check out his/her own reserves, the computer has to match the correct customer card with the correct items.

I want to check out books and/or audiobooks, but I don’t have the time to stop by the library. Can I download books and audiobooks online?

Our eMedia collection is the perfect resource for busy customers since no visit to the library is necessary to enjoy the service and you have access to audiobooks and ebooks 24/7. To checkout eMedia visit our eMedia collection:


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How do I volunteer at the library?

The Metropolitan Library System loves volunteers! If you are thinking about volunteering, either as a teen or an adult, click here for more information.


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