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A Metropolitan Library System library card is required to borrow books and other library materials and to use the library's Internet access. However, anyone may visit a Metropolitan Library and use materials in the library without a card.

The Metropolitan Library System provides a free library card to persons who reside in Oklahoma City and Oklahoma County and to those who own property in Oklahoma County. "Free" means that no additional fees are charged for the card.

Though we would love to be able to provide a free library card to everyone who wants to use our libraries, technically library service is not free. Funding for the books, buildings, utilities, computers, staffing and other expenditures required to operate our system primarily comes from a portion of property taxes levied on the citizens of Oklahoma County, with most of the library buildings being provided by the municipalities. The Metropolitan Library System receives no funding from cities or other counties.

To obtain a card

1. Go to your nearest MLS library. Ask the staff to help you determine which library card and service you are eligible to receive. A application may be picked up at any of the libraries

The types of library service and associated cards are:

 Primary Service:
For those who live in or own property in Oklahoma City or Oklahoma County; also for employees of the Metropolitan Library System.

Note: For children and teens, up to age 17, a parent or guardian must co-sign the card.
 Reciprocal Service:
The Metropolitan Library System maintains a reciprocal service agreement with the Pioneer Library System headquartered in Norman, Oklahoma. For those who live, work, or attend school in Cleveland, McClain or Pottawatomie counties; also for Blanchard school district students living in Grady County.
 School-Based Service:

Adults or children who do not qualify for primary or reciprocal service may be eligible for service based on the school they attend. Cards issued under this provision are valid for only one year and eligibility must be verified annually. School card service includes all MLS services except interlibrary loan. Customers eligible for school cards must attend or teach school in Oklahoma City or Oklahoma County.

  • Students must show proof of school enrollment to receive a school-based card.
  • Teachers must fill out the Teacher Verification Form. The Teacher Verification form must be printed on school letter head and signed by a school administrator who verifies requesting party's position within the school. Click to Download Teacher Verification Form
  Annual Fee and Cash Deposit Service:

Those who do not qualify for another card may purchase this type for an annual fee of $40, which entitles each household member to a card. This is about the same amount paid, on average, by our residents for library services.

Visitors to the community may enjoy the library and its vast resources by making a cash deposit equal to the price of each item borrowed, plus a $10 processing fee. The full amount minus any fees incurred will be refunded when the borrowed items are returned.


2. You will then complete the appropriate application form and provide proper identification within one of our libraries. (Sorry, we are unable to accept online library card applications at this time.) Adults must provide two forms of identification, one verifying current address. Parents must provide verification of address for their children.

Examples of Acceptable Identification:

  • Driver's license with current address
  • Personal check with printed name and address
  • Student picture ID card or proof of current school enrollment
  • Utility bills or receipts postmarked within 30 days

3. Once you have completed the application and provided necessary identification, you will receive your new library card. You may use it immediately!

Guidelines for Cardholders

By signing the back of your card, you agree to abide by library system policies. Your card belongs to the library system and is for your use only. The one exception: the signing parent may use his/her child's card to borrow materials for that child.

Check Out Limits

  • You may have a total of 30 items checked out at one time.

  • Books, other printed materials, audio and video recordings may be checked out for two weeks. They may be renewed to a maximum loan period of 42 days if there is no System Reserves request for the items during that period. Items may be renewed at your library or via CyberMARS.

A. Overdue fees
· Books, other printed materials, audio and video recordings are 10 cents per day to a maximum of $3 per item.

B. Lost or Damaged Materials
· If you lose or damage library materials, you are responsible for repair or replacement costs

C. Lost Card
· Replacement card fee is $1

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