2007 Library News

Library Night After DarkDowntown Library Turns Spooky For Teens After Dark

Someone once said that there’s nothing spookier than a public building when it’s empty after dark.

Area teens will have the opportunity to see if that’s true when the Downtown Library, 300 Park Ave., hosts its 2nd Annual “Lock-In!” on Saturday, Oct. 27, beginning at 7:00pm. 

“Downtown Library After Dark was a big success last year,” said Downtown librarian Kim Edwards, “so we decided to do it again close to Halloween.”

The Library will supply games, crafts, food and “scary but not too scary” movies for everyone to enjoy, and the event will be chaperoned by adult library staff.

“This year,” Edwards said, “in addition to there being pizza and other assorted snacks we will be having video games such as DDR and guitar hero.  There will also be a marathon of movies being played in the auditorium continuously, all PG-13 horror movies, which I love, and I will be bringing some board games.  We might just be having a monopoly tournament or something. 

“I don’t know if it’s true or not,” Edwards said, “but I’ve heard that there might even be a ghost in the area. Back in the 1890s, located somewhere on the spot where the library stands a policeman got into a scuffle with a man who was on parole.  That man had been in prison for killing Bob Ford, the man who killed Jesse James.  The policeman shot the guy and his ghost is said by some to haunt the library and other local buildings.  The haunting part may not be true, but it makes a great ghost story.”

The event is for teens and pre-teens aged 11-17.  Participants need to fill in a registration form several days in advance.  The forms are available at the Downtown Library.  For more information, call 606-3876.

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