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Library Lock-In Huge Success

Teens spending the night in the library?  And not for doing research for a paper?  What gives?

It was the Downtown Library’s annual teen library lock-in, an event to which teen specialist librarian Kimberly Edwards looks forward all year.

“Yes, some of the other librarians think I’m weird,” Edwards smiled, “but they’d probably think that even if I didn’t hold this event every Halloween.”

The Downtown Library is a great place for a program of this sort, with its meeting rooms and large auditorium.

“We went over to the Friends of the Library Event Room and played video games and ate pizza,” Edwards added.  “There was also an impromptu silly string fight that left silly string all over the floor.  Let me tell you something about silly string: before it dries it's wet and disgusting.  Fortunately, some of the kids helped to clean it up.  After the food we went to the auditorium for the costume and trivia contest.  Angie Merka won the costume contest and various kids won prizes in the trivia contest.”

Trivia was drawn from the Twilight series of teen vampire novels by Stephanie Meyer, books that supplied the theme of this year’s party.

Other party activities included craft and journaling work, playing hide and seek around the shelves of books, watching a mildly scary movie, creeping up on each other in the dark, and more video games.

“We had 27 in attendance,” Edwards said, and I had five library helpers.  We all had a good time, but I think the kids enjoyed just chilling out with old and new friends as much as anything.

 “At the end of the night, I gave away the remainder of the candy and glow in the dark vampire fangs.  I told my helpers that they could leave and they took me up on it and there I was all alone in the library.  The library is pretty creepy when you're the only person there and you know you're the only person there, but in the end, I survived to tell the tale of the Twilight Party Lock-in.”

Will there be another edition next Halloween?

You can bet your bat there will.

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