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Nerdfighter Tour 2008 Stops at Downtown Library

Little girls are said to be made of everything nice, and little boys of stuff that is not so nice.  Nerdfighters, on the other hand, are made entirely of awesome.

The original nerdfighters, brothers John Green and Hank Green who created the concept for their videoblog, define nerdfighters as those who defend the pride of international nerdery, usually against the forces of superficial popularity.

John is the author of popular Young Adult novels, including “Looking for Alaska,” An Abundance of Katharines,” and the recently published “Paper Towns.”  Hank is the founder of the ecogeek.com website and costar of the TV show “The G Word.”  Both will visit the Downtown Library, 300 Park Avenue, on Sunday, November 2, at 7:00pm to chat with fans, sign books, and celebrate the glory that is nerdiness.

“These guys are true Internet superstars,” said Metropolitan Library System Young Adult Services Coordinator Emily Williams.  “Their videoblog, or vlog, is one of the most popular, and nerdy, channels in the history of You Tube.”

In 2007, the brothers decided to communicate with each other strictly through a videoblog.  Word got out as to what they were up to, Vlogbrothers caught on, and now they are still going strong.

 “Their YouTube fans” Williams added, “will enjoy seeing them in person as they talk about books, sing about Harry Potter, and share their innate awesomeness with everyone.  Happy dances will be danced!”

For more information, call 606-3834.

“Nerdfighter Tour 2008” is free, open to the public and suitable for all ages.

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