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Fifth Annual Lifetime Reader’s Society
Winter ReadFest Begins 

WinterReadFest Drawing CardThe Lifetime Reader’s Society of the Metropolitan Library System kicked off its Winter ReadFest 2008 on February 1, and participants can sign up at any Metropolitan Library. This popular reading program will continue until March 31, 2008.

“The Lifetime Reader’s Society began as an idea back in 2003 for a reading program for our senior citizen population in the Metropolitan Library System service area,” explained Anita Roesler, the Metropolitan Library System’s Senior Services Coordinator.

“As we discussed plans and ideas, it occurred to us that maybe it could be more than just a reading program,” Roesler continued.  “So the idea of having a ‘society’ of persons age 55 and older who are regular library users evolved, and the event kicked off in 2004.”

Customers will need to come in to one of the 17 Metropolitan Libraries and fill out an enrollment form to enter the program and receive a very nice book bag.  They then read four books or listen to four audio books, fill in the drawing card and wait to see if they win anything. 

“Prizes are $25 Visa gift cards, books, bookmarks, and many other items,” Roesler added.  She also pointed out that since its inception, the program has been considered a striking success for an event of this sort.  The number of people enrolled in the program has increased each year.

“This is a lot of fun and since it’s for those 55 and older, customers between 18 and 54 have been voicing about wanting special reading programs for them!”

To register, go to your favorite MLS library and sign up.  You can enter a drawing to be eligible for a prize, and you can enter for the drawing every time you complete another four books.  Nothing could be easier.

“Mostly,” Roesler suggested, “have fun.”

Sign-up for Lifetime Reader’s Society’s Winter ReadFest 2008 began on February 1 at your favorite library and will continue until March 31.

For more information and/or questions, call Anita Roesler, Senior Services Coordinator, at 606-3835.