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Family Trees Planted at Downtown Library

Are you distantly related to a King of Ireland, an African Princess, or a Missouri horse thief?  Want to learn how to find out?

The Downtown Library, 300 Park Avenue, is hosting a Beginning Genealogy for Families workshop from 2-4pm on Saturday, April 4, 2009.  It’s for children in the first grade or older, and a parent or caregiver.

“Children frequently want to know about their families,” said Downtown librarian Lisa Bradley, “and lots of times parents don’t know too much about any ancestors older than their own grandparents.  What this workshop is designed to do is get kids started on researching their family trees.” 

The study of family lineages can itself be traced back in history to ancient times, but the explosion of interest in the modern hobby of genealogy began in the 1970s when the TV version of Arthur Haley’s book “Roots” premiered.  Then, when the Internet made researching so much simpler, family tree cultivation became a hobby anyone could enjoy.

            “We have to limit the size of the class at the library,” Bradley added, “so we’re encouraging interested parties to call us at 606-3856 to register in advance.  They’ll also be given some ‘homework’ that needs to be completed before class.  Please call.  We’d love to see you and your child get started on this fascinating and relevant journey through time.”

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