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Wizard Rock Rocking The Downtown Library

The last of the Harry Potter books has been published, but the spirit of Harry’s magical world lives on in music. 

Specifically, the music is called Wizard Rock and it’s inspired by the Potter books.  The Metropolitan Library System has sponsored several Wizard Rock concerts since 2006, and they have no intention to break the spell now.  And that means it’s time to say farewell to summer with Oklahoma City favorite bands the Justin Finch-Fletchley, the Sugar Quills, and the Whomping Willows, who take their name from the tree into which Harry’s pal Ron Weasley crashes his dad’s flying car in book two.

They will all be performing at the Downtown Library, 300 Park Avenue, on Saturday, October 17, beginning at 6pm.

Just how popular is Wizard Rock?  The Rhode Island band, The Whomping Willows, which formed in 2005, is scheduled to make, in addition to their gig at the Downtown Library, 25 other appearances in the month of October.

“This music isn’t just following along with the Harry Potter craze,” said MLS Young Adult Services Coordinator Emily Williams, “it’s good in its own right and I think it will be a legitimate part of rock for a long time.  Everyone who likes good rock’n’roll should come hear these bands.”

 The Downtown Library Wizard Rock After Hours Concert is free, open to the public and suitable for all ages.

Call (405) 231-8650 for more information.

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