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“Woodyfest” Comes to Edmond Library For National Poetry Month

What is “Woodyfest”? 

The Edmond Library, 10 S. Boulevard, invites you to find out on Saturday, April 18, from 2-3:30pm.  “Woody” is Woody Guthrie, the great troubadour of American hard times in the 1930s and one of Okemah’s Favorite Sons.  The Woodyfest Readers, six Oklahoma poets, will visit the library to celebrate National Poetry Month with selections from their own and Guthrie’s work.

“I am very excited to have these six outstanding poets come to the Edmond Library,” said librarian Ronna Davis.  “The reading is being coordinated by Carol Hamilton, who was Poet Laureate of Oklahoma from 1995 through 1997.”

The poets participating in the event are Dorothy Alexander, Nathan Brown, Jim Chastain, Abigail Keegan, Jim Spurr, and Hamilton herself.  They represent a wide variety of backgrounds and professional achievements from owning a small business to being a lawyer, from teaching to photography, from storytelling to managing a band.

National Poetry Month was conceived by The Academy of American Poets and was first celebrated in April, 1996.  Its purpose is to increase the public’s awareness of poetry as a living literary genre.  So successful have the events associated with it become, Canada began its own version in 1999, and Great Britain joined in a year later.

“We are so privileged to listen to six of these gifted individuals at one time,” Davis added, “and we'll enjoy a wide variety of poetry that they will present to us in honor of National Poetry Month.”

For more information, call the Edmond Library at 341-9282.  The Woodyfest Readers are co-sponsored by the Woody Guthrie Poets.

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