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Book Trailer Contest Kicks Off at Ralph Ellison Library

What are the previews of coming attractions at the movies good for?  For whetting your appetite for a new movie. 

Maybe teens would read more than they do if books came with trailers.  The previews used to come after the movie ended and so are called “trailers” in movie-speak.  The Ralph Ellison Library, 2000 N.E. 23rd, is giving teens a chance to make their own trailers for books and perhaps win $100, too.

“We know that teens love movies,” said Ralph Ellison librarian Kim Ventrella, “and they may love YouTube videos even more, so we thought why not combine the two things and create a contest to see who can create the cleverest ‘trailer’ for a book?”

The library will begin accepting entries on March 1 and the contest runs through May 30.  Creators must live in Oklahoma and be between the ages of 10-18.  Most movie trailers last between two and three minutes.  If books were rated like movies, the book chosen would have to be rated G, PG, or PG-13.

Interested teens should call the Ralph Ellison Library at (405) 424-1437 for more information and complete contest rules. 

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