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Metropolitan Library System
Receives Grant from Kirkpatrick Family Fund
For “After School @ Your Library”

Sometimes the longest part of the school day can be the hours between the time school lets out and time for supper.  Unattended kids can get lost in boredom and aimlessness.

The Metropolitan Library System, with the help of a grant from the Kirkpatrick Family Fund, has created a new initiative called “After School @ Your Library” that will not just keep kids occupied but will reinforce positive interactions, teach life skills, and address at-risk behaviors.

“We’ll be bringing in local artists at select library locations,” said Siobhan Morava, MLS Developmental Coordinator for Community Organizations, “and they will work with at-risk kids on a weekly basis.”

Morava went on to point out that the artists will utilize creative projects to achieve the programs goals. 

“Library peak hours are between 3:00 and 6:00p.m.” Morava added, “and that’s just the time between when school lets out for the day and before parents get home from work.  Studies show that

youth at this time are more likely to be involved in gang-related activity, violent crime, substance abuse, sexual activity, and car accidents.  ‘After School @ the Library will provide regular, meaningful programming geared toward the at-risk young population throughout our community.”

            "The Kirkpatrick Family Fund is an affiliated fund of the Oklahoma City Community Foundation.  It was founded by John and Eleanor Kirkpatrick with the belief that a strong cultural and service community would benefit central Oklahoma."

For more information about this or any Metropolitan Library System program, visit the MLS website, www.metrolibrary.org.


The Metropolitan Library System of Oklahoma County includes 12 libraries and five extension libraries. Libraries include Belle Isle, Capitol Hill, Ralph Ellison, Ronald J. Norick Downtown Library and Southern Oaks in Oklahoma City, as well as Bethany, Choctaw, Del City, Edmond, Midwest City, Village and Warr Acres. Extensions are located in the communities of Harrah, Jones, Luther and Nicoma Park and include Wright Library in Oklahoma City. You can also reach us at www.metrolibrary.org.