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NovelList Plus Database Helps You Find the Perfect Book

So you just watched a really interesting movie on television based on one of the historical adventures about British soldier Richard Sharpe and it put you in the mood for some historical fiction.  How do you find some suggested titles?

This is when you can turn to a database called “NoveList Plus” which is available through the Metropolitan Library System’s website, www.metrolibrary.org.    

NoveList is an improved 21st Century update of the old fashioned bibliography.  Most of us are familiar with those from school reports or because we’ve seen them in the back of the nonfiction books we’ve read.  NoveList is the biggest bibliography in the world. It’s an easy-to-use searchable online database that can turn you on to over 251,000 fiction and nonfiction titles. Most people will use its “Read-Alike” feature for authors, genres, and a lot more. 

Here’s how it works.  Go to the MLS webpage and select Databases.  Scroll down the list of available databases until you come to NovelList Plus. Click.

This takes you to the NovelList site.  On the left you see a tab for Historical Fiction.  Click again.  Now you see 30 subsets of historical fiction and you select the one you want.  Click once more and a list of suggested titles pops up, along with photos of the book covers.  Pick the one that looks right to you, click and start exploring.  Finding what you’re looking for can take just a couple of minutes.  Story line, pace, tone, and style are all addressed in a few words.

And you can also search by series title or basic plot description.  Series title?  On the home page, enter the words “Richard Sharpe,” on the Search Line, check “Series” and click.  There are the titles of the complete Richard Sharpe series.

The best thing is that you can conduct your search when it is convenient for you, at home or even at work, when the boss isn’t looking.

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