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Skateboarding Workshops Come to
MLS Libraries This Summer

Skateboarding may be as close to surfing as most Oklahoma County teens can come this summer.  Ready to learn all about it?  Come to the library!   

As part of its “Make Waves at Your Library” Summer at the Library Program for Teens, the Metropolitan Library System is presenting a series of workshops called “Skateboarding Summer 2010.”  The 11 sessions will take place at 11 different library locations and will include skateboarding demonstrations, weather permitting, by local skaters.

“Once you get your feet wet on the board,” said MLS Teen Services Coordinator Emily Williams, “it’s hard not to have fun.  Our workshops are spread all around the county and are presented at various times so everyone can join in.”

The “Skateboarding Summer 2010” schedule is:

Tuesday, June 8, 6:00p.m. – Capitol Hill Library, 334 S.W. 16th (634-6308)

Thursday, June 10, 3:30p.m. -- Ralph Ellison Library, 2000 N.E. 23rd (424-1437)

Wednesday, June 16, 4:00p.m. -- The Village Library, 10307 N. Pennsylvania (755-0710)

Thursday, June 17, 5:30p.m. -- Choctaw Library, 25235 Muzzy Street (390-8418)

Thursday, June 24, 6:00p.m. -- Warr Acres Library, 5901 N.W. 63rd (721-2616) 

Satruday, June 26, 11:00a.m. -- Southern Oaks Library, 6900 S. Walker (631-4468)

Thursday, July 1, 7:00p.m. -- Bethany Library, 3510 N. Mueller (789-8363)

Thursday, July 8, 6:00p.m. -- Midwest City Library, 8143 E. Reno (732-4828)

Monday, July 12, 6:00p.m. -- Edmond Library, 10 S. Boulevard (341-9282)

Sunday, July 18, 2:00p.m. -- Downtown Library, 300 Park Avenue (231-8650)

Thursday, July 29, 5:00p.m. -- Del City Library, 4509 S.E. 15th (672-1377)


For more information about these or any Metropolitan Library System program, visit the MLS website, www.metrolibrary.org.

The Metropolitan Library System of Oklahoma County includes 12 libraries and five extension libraries. Libraries include Belle Isle, Capitol Hill, Ralph Ellison, Ronald J. Norick Downtown Library and Southern Oaks in Oklahoma City, as well as Bethany, Choctaw, Del City, Edmond, Midwest City, Village and Warr Acres. Extensions are located in the communities of Harrah, Jones, Luther and Nicoma Park and include Wright Library in Oklahoma City. You can also reach us at www.metrolibrary.org.