Rosie the Riveter Returns To Belle Isle Library


Are you old enough to remember this song:  “All the day long, whether rain or shine / She’s a part of the assembly line. / She’s making history, working for victory / Rosie the Riveter.”

If you’re too young, Belle Isle Library, 5501 N. Villa, has someone you ought to meet.  If you do remember it, here’s someone you’ll want to meet again at the library on Saturday, May 14, at 2:00p.m.  It’s “Rosie the Riveter in Person!”

“’Rosie the Riveter’,” said librarian Ann Meeks “became the nickname for millions of women who worked in wartime industries and support services during World War II, the female home-front equivalent of G.I. Joe.  I bet most people have seen the famous poster of Rosie flexing her muscle with her sleeve rolled up.  ‘Axis Sally’ was the German equivalent of ‘Tokyo Rose,’ but I bet Rosie could have taken them both.”

“Rosie the Riveter in Person!” is presented by re-enactor Barbara Byrd.  Join her to learn how Rosie helped win the war and you’ll discover “There's something true about, red, white, and blue about Rosie the Riveter.”

The program is free and designed for audiences aged six and older.

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