Disaster Preparedness Training Available At Metro Libraries


When a natural disaster is staring you in the face, it’s too late to make your emergency plans.

That’s why the Metropolitan Library System and the American Red Cross have developed “Are You Prepared: For Earthquakes, Tornadoes and Fires?”  This program will be presented at neighborhood MLS libraries beginning on April 3 through May 8. Fourteen libraries will host the event.

“It’s too easy to postpone making a list of emergency items you’ll need when the worst happens,” said MLS Director of Outreach Services Dana Morrow, “but that list should be ready for use at a moment’s notice.  In fact, your supplies should be already collected and available at hand.

“We don’t want to make it sound like disaster is inevitable, but just look at the things that have been happening in Oklahoma in the last couple of years.  Tornadoes, fires, floods, even earthquakes.  We just invite personal disaster when we’re not ready to face the worst.”

A representative from the American Red Cross of Central Oklahoma will lead each session and be available for questions and answers during and after each presentation.

For more information about this or any Metropolitan Library System program, visit the MLS website, ww.metrolibrary.org.

The Metropolitan Library System of Oklahoma County includes 13 libraries and five extension libraries. Libraries include Belle Isle, Capitol Hill, Patience S. Latting Northwest, Ralph Ellison, Ronald J. Norick Downtown Library, and Southern Oaks in Oklahoma City, as well as Bethany, Choctaw, Del City, Edmond, Midwest City, Village and Warr Acres. Extensions are located in the communities of Harrah, Jones, Luther and Nicoma Park and include Wright Library in Oklahoma City. You can also reach us at www.metrolibrary.org.