No More Slips, Trips or Broken Hips


“Keep your feet on the ground” is excellent advice, but when the weather is cold and the ground is slippery it’s not so easy to do.

And that’s why the Metropolitan Library System is teaming with Integris 3rd Age Life and Jim Thorpe Rehabilitation to present “No More Slips, Trips or Broken Hips,” an informational program that will show people how to avoid falling.

“Especially people who are over 65,” said MLS Adult Services Coordinator Anita Roesler.  “A fall can happen in a split second.  Many times you don’t even know you’re off balance until you find yourself on the ground.  The older you are, the better the chance that you’re going to break something.

“People joke about those ‘I’ve fallen and I can’t get up’ commercials, but the truth of the matter is that falling is no joke, especially if you break a hip.  And rehabilitation can take a really long time.

The “No More Slips, Trips or Broken Hips” sessions will be held at four MLS libraries in October and November.

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