Oxford Biblical Studies Online will provide unrivalled access to six essential Oxford editions of the Bible alongside commentary and annotations from study Bibles seamlessly combined with reference material and primary texts.

Online access to the finest scholarship in Biblical Studies …

  • Core content contains the Oxford Study Bible, New OxfordAnnotated Bible 3/e, Jewish Study Bible, Catholic Study Bible2/e, Access Study Bible with Apocrypha, and the Authorized King James Bible with Apocrypha
  • Reference, texts and commentaries include Barton: Oxford Bible Commentary, Metzger & Coogan: Oxford Companion to the Bible, Rogerson & Lieu: Oxford Handbook of Biblical Studies, Coogan: Oxford History of the Biblical World, Browning: Oxford Dictionary of the Bible, Meyers: Oxford Encyclopedia of Archeology in the Near East, Schiffman & VanderKam: Encyclopedia of Dead Sea Scrolls, Sparks: The Apocryphal Old Testament, Elliott: The Apocryphal New Testament and McKenzie: How to Read the Bible
  • Nearly 5,000 A-Z articles, from Abel to Zion integrated withchapter-based scholarly works - forthcoming exclusive content will include entries from the Oxford Encyclopedia of
    the Bible (2011)
  • Maps and illustrations
  • Interactive timelines and bibliography
  • Tools and resources are available to aid research at any level
  • Glossary

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