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 A. Introduction

Students who live in Oklahoma have a very good reason to be interested in tornadoes. They live in an area that is more likely to experience a tornado than any other state. The sources listed below will help you find information about where, when and how tornadoes occur and how you can be safe.

 B. Subject Headings and Shelf Numbers

  • Tornadoes
  • Tornadoes--Middle West
  • Browse call numbers 551.553

 C. Frequently Mentioned Texts

The Tornado: Nature's Ultimate Windstorm by Thomas P. Grazulis

Tornado Hunter: Getting Inside the Most Violent Storms on Earch by Stefan Bechtel

Inside Tornadoes by Mary Kay Carson

Into the storm: violent tornadoes, killer hurricanes, and death-defying adventures in extreme weather with Andrew Tilin. Dutton, c2010. by Reed Timmer. Shelf Number: 551.553/T5843i

 D. General References, e.g. Guides, Encyclopedia, or Dictionaries

Encyclopedia of weather and climate Rev. ed. Facts On File, c2007. 551.603/AL4168eI

 E. Magazines or Newspapers

  • Oklahoman and Times newspapers dating back to 1894 on microfilm
  • Oklahoman index from 1947-1972 on microfilm
  • Oklahoman Electronic Archives¬†(1901-present)
  • Oklahoma County Newspaper Collection on microfilm
  • Vertical File which contains newspaper clippings and other items
  • The library system has a subscription to the EbscoHost database that you may use either from home or in the library to search for magazine articles about tornadoes
  • America’s Newspaper database

 F. Internet Resources

 G. Video

Image Unavailable
Hurricanes & Tornadoes—Examines both tornadoes and hurricanes, from their early beginnings to the full-blown storms that wreak havoc on land. Also takes a look at how meteorologists use data such as location, movement, wind speed, temperature and air pressure to predict the course of these storms and provide early warnings to people living in their path.

Tornado Glory - Experience the amazing beauty and violent fury of Tornado Alley. Follow two stormchasers as they attempt to unlock the elusive secrets of tornadoes.

Hunt for the Supertwister - Little on earth can withstand the violent fury of an F5 tornado. A churning vortex with wind speeds over 300 mph, these tornadoes create immense swaths of death and destruction in a matter of seconds. Today, experts are exploring the supertwister's complex inner workings in bold new ways in the hopes of one day being able to accurately predict the occurrences of tornadoes.
Prepared by P Davidson
Updated March 2013