Medical Information
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A. Introduction

People often want information about various diseases, conditions, and medical treatments that they hear about in the news or from health care providers. They also use information to keep themselves healthy. NOTE: Library materials are not a substitute for a personal consultation with a competent health care professional.

B. Subject Headings and Shelf Numbers
  • For diseases, use the name of the condition, the disease or the affected body part, or browse call numbers in the 616's
  • Diet and exercise are in the 613's
  • Drugs and alternative therapies can be found in the 615's
C. Frequently Mentioned Texts
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Physicians' Desk Reference (The PDR-information on all prescription drugs) 615.1/P578p

D. General References, e.g. Guides, Encyclopedia, or Dictionaries

Professional Guide to Diseases 616/P964p9

Mayo Clinic family health book 613/M473m4

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Current medical diagnosis & treatment 616.075/C976c

Taber's cyclopedic medical dictionary 610.3/T113c21

Mosby's medical dictionary 610.3M894m8

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Dorland's Illustrated Medical Dictionary 610.3/D711d

E. Magazines or Newspapers (search the database to find in the library)
F. Internet Resources
  • The National Library of Medicine and National Institutes of Health sponsor Medline Plus. A goldmine of information, it provides interactive tutorials, a medical encyclopedia and dictionary, drug information and much more. Medline Plus. The information in Medline Plus is available in Spanish and in English.
  • A great web site with separate sections for children, teens and parents to search is Kids Health
  • WebMD - The leading source for trustworthy and timely health and medical news and information.
G. For Further Research

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Prepared by G. Garloch
Updated March 2013