Science Fair Projects
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A. Introduction

People who are curious about the natural world and how it works like to do science projects. Science projects generally require background reading and planning in addition to actually carrying out experiments. Astronomy, biology, chemistry, ecology, and physics are some of the areas of science.

B. Subject Headings and Shelf Numbers   
Search the library system catalog using these subject headings or browse the shelf numbers:
  • Science projects
  • Science-experiments
  • Use the topic you're interested in, such as Weather-experiments or Chemistry-experiments
  • Browse call numbers in the 500's
C. Frequently Mentioned Texts

1001 Ideas for Science Projects by Marian A. Brisk 507.8/B859o3

Quick but Great Science Fair Projectsby Shar Levine J507.8/L665q

D. General References, e.g. Guides, Encyclopedia, or Dictionaries   

McGraw-Hill Dictionary of Scientific Terms 503/M147md6

E. Magazines or Newspapers
F. Internet Resources
  • How Stuff Works at How Stuff Works
  • Librarians' Index to the Internet at provides links to many informative sites at all levels of interest. You can search for any topic (including "science project"), or you can browse the heading "Science and Technology."
Prepared by G. Garloch
Updated March 2013