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A. Introduction

The resources listed here focus on the traditional method of the spoken (or oral) transmission of a story to an audience.

B. Subject Headings and Shelf Numbers   
  • Storytelling
  • Storytellers
  • Folklore
  • Dewey Classification: 398.2; 808; 372
C. Frequently Mentioned Texts

There are several excellent books about Storytelling. A few of the books are listed below. To locate more books, use the suggested keywords and phrases to search the online library catalog.

Baker, Augusta. Storytelling: Art and Technique (1987).

Bauer, Caroline Feller. New handbook for storytellers: with stories, poems, magic and more ALA. (1993).

Brand, Susan Trostle. Storytelling Emergent Literacy: Fostering Multiple Intelligences Delmar, (2001).
Breneman, Lucille N. Once upon a time: a storytelling handbook (1983).
DeVos, Gail. Storytelling for Young Adults (2003).
Geisler, Harlynne. Storytelling professionally (1997).
Journal of American Folklore. Folklore in America : tales, songs, superstitions, proverbs, riddles, games, folk drama, and folk festivals ( 1966)
Lipman, Doug. Improving your storytelling (1999)
MacDonald, Margaret Read. The Storyteller's Start-Up Book (1993).
MacDonald, Margaret Read. Three minute tales (2004)
MacDonald, Margaret Read. Parent's Guide to Storytelling (2001)
Mooney, Bill & David Holt. The Storyteller's Guide: Storytellers share advice for the classroom, boardroom, showroom, podium, pulpit, and center stage (1996)
D. General References, e.g. Guides, Encyclopedia, or Dictionaries   
Pellowski, Anne. The World of Storytelling. Rev. and expanded. (1991) (Not in the system - see about Inter-library loan)


E. Magazines or Newspapers
F. Audio-Visual
Our library has the following multimedia resources on your topic:
Tales to Tell from around the world [audio tape]
G. Online Resources
The Web sites listed on this page have been previewed and selected for this topic. If additional information is needed, use the suggested keywords and phrases to search the Internet.
H. Storytelling in Education
I. Story Collections Online
J. COMMUNITY RESOURCES - Events and Groups

The following community contacts may help you with your topic:

The Territory Tellers, the Oklahoma Storytelling Organization. A 501C-Non-Profit Organization.

Territory Tellers
P.O. Box 914
Jones , Oklahoma 73049-0914

Tellabration!® - An evening celebrating storytelling for adults, held around the world the third week of November. Held annually in Oklahoma at various locations around the state; their web site lists locations of those who have registered to hold Tellabrations.

Prepared by M. Hudson
Updated March 2013