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Oklahoma Images is a collection of pictures and essays that illustrate the history of Central Oklahoma. Find photographs, art works, primary source materials, and essays that tell the story of the people who have called Oklahoma home.
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For years you could view the Oklahoma Images collection of photographs chronicling the history of central Oklahoma on our website. But now hear the stories that go with them.

Oklahoma Moments
In late 2006, the producers of MLS’ weekly television program “Read About It” decided that for the duration of Oklahoma’s centennial year they wanted to add a segment to the show that celebrated the famous and not-so-famous people and events that have made our history unique. They approached former Governor George Nigh to ask if he would be their spokesman. He accepted and “Oklahoma Moments” debuted on the program in January, 2007.
Oklahoma Folklore
The Oklahoma Folklore Collection is the result of an effort by the Metropolitan Library System in the late 1940's and early 1950's to collect and preserve the stories, memories, and songs that make up Oklahoma's rich folk tradition.