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In late 2006, the producers of MLS’ weekly television program “Read About It” decided that for the duration of Oklahoma’s centennial year they wanted to add a segment to the show that celebrated the famous and not-so-famous people and events that have made our history unique. They teamed Oklahoma Room librarian Larry Johnson as their writer with former Governor George Nigh as spokeman. “Oklahoma Moments” debuted on the program in January, 2007. Here are the Moments for you to enjoy.

Alfalfa BillAlfalfa Bill
Alfalfa Bill by G. Hines
Alfalfa Bill Murray by KL Bryant Jr.

Apollo 10Apollo 10
Desination Moon by JB Irvin
The Epic Journey to the Moon, Smithsonian
We Have Capture TP Stafford
Bertha TeagueBertha Teague
“Shattering the Glass” by P Grundy
“Venus to the Hoop" S Corbett
Black Jack Black Jack
“Life”  November 1964
Boise CityBoise City
“The B-17 Flying Fortress Story” by R A Freeman
“Flying Fortresses”  E Jablonski
Carl MaysCarl Mays
“Yankees Century” by G Stout
“The Pitch that Killed”  by M Sowell
Don HaskinsDon Haskins
“Glory Road” by D Haskins
“Haskins, The Bear Facts” R Sanchez
Fabioun BowersFaubion Bowers
"The Chrysanthemum and the Sword" by Ruth Benedict
"Japanese Theatre" by Faubion Bowers
Green CornGreen Corn
Agrarian Socialism in America by J. Bisstt
Hugh JohnsonHugh Johnson
Time Magazine, 1933, Number 1
Jim ThorpeJim Thorpe
"Jim Thorpe's Bright Path" by Joseph Bruchac
"All America: The Rise and Fall of Jim Thorpe" by Bill Crawford
Kate BarnardKate Barnard
"Kate Barnard Oklahoma's Good Angel" by Bob Burke
"One Woman's Political Journey" by Lynn Musselwhite
Lon ChaneyLon Chaney
“Famous Monster Movie Art of Basil Gogos” B Gogos
“A Thousand Faces” M F Blake
Martin Luther KingMartin Luther King
“King A Biography” D L Lewis
“The Autobiography of Martin Luther King, Jr.” M L King
Buddy HollyMaybe Baby: Buddy Holly
"Buddy Holly Golden Anniversary Songbook"
"Rave On" by Philip Norman
Michael ShadidMichael Shadid
“A Doctor for the People” M Shadid
“Crusading Doctor” M Shadid
"Sequoyah: Leader of the Cherokees" by Alice Marriott
"Sequoyah: The Cherokee Genius" by Stan Hoig
Stand WaiteStand Waite
"Between Two Fires" by Lawrence M. Hauptman
"Confederate Indians" by Frank Cunningham
Troy RuttmanTroy Ruttman
The Indy 500 by M. Stewart
“The Oklahoma Aviation Story" K Tolman, et al.
Will RogersWill Rogers
"Will Rogers Centennial Year Celebration" by Reba N. Collins
"Will Rogers: A Photo-biography" by Bryan B. Sterling "American Original: A Life of Will Rogers" by Ray Robinson
All Black TownsAll Black Towns
"Acres of Aspiration" by Hannibal B. Johnson
"The Blacks in Oklahoma" by Jimmie Lewis Franklin
Mommie Dearest by C. Crawford
Bob KalsuBob Kalsu
“Oklahoma Football Encyclopedia” by R Dozier
“Sooner Century” by J B Clark
Bullet Joe Rogan Bullet Joe Rogan
“The Biographical Encyclopedia of the Negro Baseball Leagues” by J A Riley
“The Negro Leagues” L A Heaphy
Clark GableClark Gable
“Clark Gable” by C J Spicer
“The 100 Greatest Stars of All Time”  Entertainment
Ducky NashDucky Nash
“The Magic Kingdom” by S Watts
“Inside the Dream” K Greene
"Hollywood Cartoons" M Barrier
Friendship TrainFriendship Train
Railroads in Oklahoma Ed by DL Hofsommer
Henry StarrHenry Starr
“Belle Starr & the Wild West” C J Naden
“Belle Starr & Her Times” S Glenn
Jerri CobbJerrie Cobb
“Jerrie Cobb:  Solo Pilot” by J Cobb
 "Woman into Space”  by J Cobb
John AaronJohn Aaron
“For All Mankind”  by H Hurt III
“Apollo:  The Race to the Moon”  by C Murray & C B Cox
Kenneth TaylorKenneth Taylor
“At Dawn We Slept”  by G W Prange
“Air Raid:  Pearl Harbor”  ed. P Stilwell
Marion HarperMarion Harper
“Marion Harper” by R Johnston
“Truth Well Told” S Alter
Mary Ross Mary Ross
"Beyond the Horizons, The Lockheed Story" by WJ Boyne "John Ross Cherokee Chief" by GE Moutton
Meal TicketsMeal Tickets: Oklahoma Baseball
"Glory Days of Summer A History of Baseball in Oklahoma" by Bob Burke
"Baseball" by Geoffrey C. Ward & Ken Burns
Sanora BabbSanora Babb
"The Grapes of Wrath" by J Steinbeck
"Whose Names Are Unknown" by S Babb
Sherman BillingsleySherman Billingsly
“America’s Most Famous Nightspots & the Lost World of Café Society”  R Blumenthal “Empire City:  New York Through the Centuries”  K T Jackson & D S Dunbar
Teddy RooseveltTeddy Roosevelt
In camp with Theodore Roosevelt by JR Abernathy
William DaughertyWilliam Daugherty
“In the Shadow of the Ayatollah” by W Daugherty
“Executive Secrets” by W Daugherty
Woody GuthrieWoody Guthrie
"Seeds of Man an Experience Lived and Dreamed" by Woody Guthrie
"Woody Guthrie: A Life" by Joe Klein